The definition of electrical work

The definition of electrical work
  • Feb 11, 2022

The definition of electrical work

What electrical work can I do without a license?

Meaning of electrical work according to the Electrical Safety Act 2002 Meaning of electrical work

Examples of electrical work

  • installing low voltage electrical wiring in a building
  • installing electrical equipment into an installation coupler or interconnecter
  • replacing a low voltage electrical component of a washing machine

Low voltage most commonly refers to the mains voltages as used by domestic and light industrial and commercial consumers

Electrical work does not include the following

  • connecting electrical equipment to an electricity supply by means of a flexible cord plug and socket outlet;
  • work on a non-electrical component of electrical equipment, if the person carrying out the work is not exposed to an electrical hazard;
    • painting electrical equipment covers
    • replacing a drive belt on a washing machine
  • replacing electrical equipment or a component of electrical equipment if that task can be safely performed by a person who does not have expertise in carrying out electrical work;

High Voltage

Powerlines are Dangerous

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