Installing Ceiling Fans

Installing Ceiling Fans
  • Jan 17, 2024

Installing Ceiling Fans

Choosing the right fan is important. There are a variety. Weiss Electrical can help if you are looking for a reliable fan.
Options can include remote controls and lighting.

A Ceiling Fan can dramatically reduce your electricity bills. It can actually improve the effectiveness of your air conditioning.

As long as your original fan that you are replacing had originally been installed correctly, re- supports required within your roof space, correct / safe wiring, etc it will cost less to replace an existing fan than to install a fan into a new area.

Fan Noise

With a quality fan there is very little noise. They are efficient and well balanced.

Lighting Store Woman Inspecting Lights

Choose your own fan - we can install it

Sometimes you only know what you prefer when you see it. Many lighting stores have Ceiling Fans on display.

We have replaced many fans in our over 30 years servicing the Brisbane area and continue to see the lack of care with fan installations. Fans with no supports where needed or just screwed straight into the ceiling no matter what the ceiling is made of. Call Weiss Electrical to ensure you get what you want and need and an installation that is safe and secure.

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