Powerboard Overload

Powerboard Overload
  • Dec 26, 2023

Powerboard Overload

The NSW fire services recommend only using power boards with built in safety switches/circuit breakers.

If you are protecting computers or sensitive home theatre systems a typical power board would not have the joule rating to absorb a serious lightening strike.

And if you do not have a switchboard capable of handling extreme fluctuations it is a safety risk.

Joule Rating

A joule is a measure of energy released over a period of time.

The joule rating of your surge protector tells you how much energy dissipation your surge protection has.

The joule rating refers to how much energy your surge protector can absorb. The higher the better.

Unless you're protecting small devices that don't store any important data, you'll want to avoid joule ratings under 1,000.

Clamp Voltage

Clamping voltage refers to the maximum amount of voltage that can pass a surge protector or electrical breaker before it restricts further voltage from passing to a device or computer.

Location is a factor

In areas with frequent lightning storms, a higher level of protection is required.

Overloaded Powerboard with no protection

Powerboard Overload Video


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