Affordable Home CCTV

  • Jun 24, 2019

Affordable Home CCTV

Interested in installing a security camera system into your home? More homeowners are choosing to up their security systems with cameras.

CCTV Camera Features

CCTV Security Features

Efficient and affordable Internet services and affordable CCTV camera equipment are making it easier and cheaper to have advanced security in your home. Installation by a qualified electrician.

Even if that security serves to allow you to relax on a holiday or whilst you are at work, it can be worth it.

Some benefits of a home CCTV system-:

1 Criminal Deterrent

The presence of an outdoor camera can deter criminals. Some people rely on dummy cameras - which are not very effective against career burglars.

If there is an attempt at burglary - reliable footage (high-definition) can help with law enforcement.

2 Helping Police

Professionally-installed security cameras will have recorded the incident in high-definition. You have a far better chance at recovery of items if accurate recording has taken place.

3 Checking in on the Family

Would you benefit from the peace of mind in being able to check on children whilst you are at work? How about those mid-afternoon periods where your child may have an hour or so without adult supervision. Remote monitoring allows you to use a simple app to monitor your security system.

4 Don't forget the pets!

Pets may be a large part of your life. You may find your pet behaves very differently when you are not at home. You may find a neighbour purposely antagonising your pet - it happens.

5 Insurance Benefits

A security system can typically lead to discounts on home security of up to 20%. Validating your insurance claim is simple with high-definition footage able to verify the ownership and any issues with items stolen or destroyed (vandalism or theft).

In general, a carefully planned and well-integrated security system is what a home insurer would like to see. Certainly not a dummy camera or a cheap camera not centrally monitored.

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