Genesis Security Systems developed in Australia

  • Jul 12, 2019

Genesis Security Systems developed in Australia

Genesis access control systems are Award winning, ISO9002 Accredited, manufacturer in Australia, versatile and fully scalable.
Some of the features and advantages are listed below. Imagine securing your business with a system developed in Australia and used in shopping malls and military installations.
The Genesis Access Control Control System can be securely expanded.


Genesis flexible Script Programming Engine (developed in Australia).
Script programming provides virtually unlimited configuration on system set-up functionality.
There are 300 Scripts available in the system and they can be attached to a Clock, Input, Area, User group, Door, or any system events.
Each Script can include any number of functions, which can be selected from a predefined look up table and is written in simple English which makes it easy even for a beginner.
Pre-programmed Scripts provide fast programming of the standard installations.

Ralph both installs and programs the devices for these installations. The scripting language is powerful and logical.

Master Panel at a glance

  • 512 Inputs
  • 512 Outputs
  • 64 Areas
  • 128 access doors
  • Up-to 9400 users
  • 127 LAN devices
  • On board RS232

Security Advantages

  • Serial number addressing - It is not possible to replace a device without updating the database
  • Secure RS485 LAN network
  • An open or short circuit will be detected and reported as a tamper
  • On board cache stores the last 100 valid entries so doors can remain accessible in the event of a LAN failure
  • Optional Pin+Card

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