Do you have enough Safety Switches?

Do you have enough Safety Switches?
  • Jul 10, 2023

Do you have enough Safety Switches?

It is recommended to have a Safety Switch for every circuit in your home.

Having multiple Safety Switches will stop the entire home from blacking out when an appliance or product has a fault.

Safety Switch Quick Guide

1 Safety switches must trip in under 300 milliseconds

2 It is recommended having one safety switch per circuit on lights and power. This will stop you losing power and lights throughout the house (or the whole house) if you only have one safety switch installed, and also allow you to identify what is causing the safety switch to trip.

3It is recommended the safety switches be tested (push button test on the device) every time you receive a power bill. This will stop the industrial grease inside the unit from solidifying (which stops the unit from working when you really need it).

4 Safety switches are required on all new circuits installed including cooktops, hot water units and air conditioning units. It is best practise (for safety) to install safety switches when replacing wall ovens, cooktops, A/C units and hot water units, however not mandatory.

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