Install IXL Tastic

  • Sep 23, 2020

Install IXL Tastic

If you have bought an electrical appliance recently you may appreciate the rare opportunity to buy a product made in Australia with a reasonable warranty.

The IXL Tastic range come with comprehensive installation guidelines. An appliance used in and around moisture requires special attention -:

"Locate the Tastic in accordance with the requirements of the current Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000 relating to damp situations."

IXL Tastic documentation

Wiring Rules

AS/NZS 3000:2018, Electrical installations, known as the Wiring Rules, are the technical rules that help electricians design, construct and verify electrical installations.

"In some installations this may mean that no part of the Tastic may be located directly above any part of a bath or shower recess or enclosure."

"Switches and other controls must not be located where they can be touched by a person in the bath or shower."

IXL Tastic documentation

Heat Lamps

The heat lamps have no warm up period. The infra red lamps provide instant heat, they are designed to heat you and not the bathroom.

The documentation claims the cost of heating amounts to 1¢ per shower. (based on a 5 minute drying time)

The intention is to place the heat lamps where you dry off.

Ideal Placement IXL Tastic
Ideal Placement of IXL Tastic.

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