C-Bus by Clipsal

C-Bus by Clipsal
  • May 18, 2021

C-Bus by Clipsal

C-Bus can be used to easily control virtually any type of electrical load. C-Bus uses a patented method for updating the status of units.

There is no central computer or database. It uses a broadcast system with a rules based approach.

Anyone familiar with programming will quickly recognise the simplicity of the system -:

C-Bus programming code logic

This system allows large amounts of data to be transmitted in a very small time frame, effectively and reliably on the network, leading to low processing overheads and low bandwidth requirements.

An electrician proficiant in setting up and operating a C-Bus system will be able to use standard code and economies of scale. The unique system allows you to add new components to an existing network or create sub-networks without the need to program all units in the group.

C-Bus uses a daisy chain topology of loop in and loop out (so many electricians get this wrong).

The C-Bus Network is electrically isolated from the mains power, and operates at safe extra low voltage levels (36 V dc).

The C-Bus connections may be looped from unit to unit or a branch can be made at any point. All addresses are group numbers expressed as hexadecimal numbers.

Master overrides can be positioned anywhere in the network.

Programming is via Windows software or plugin devices.

The benefits are a robust but low cost per node network.

C-Bus is created by Clipsal a brand Australians are familiar with since 1920.

Ralph has been programming C-Bus since 2008

People call Weiss Electrical when C-Bus stops working correctly.

  • switches are pressed and nothing happens
  • a C-Bus sensor stops turning on a light
  • lights are flickering when they should be off
  • would like to change what lights are turned on and off from a particular switch
  • like to be able to turn lights on and off from anywhere they have mobile or internet access

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  • Bruce Taylor
    Bruce Taylor
    Jun 27, 2023 via Google  

    Weiss Electrical have been brilliant in getting us back on track with a previously rundown CBus system and also rectifying or improving other electrical problems or improvements we need. So glad we found them and cannot recommend highly enough!

  • Russell Kempnich
    Russell Kempnich
    Dec 1, 2021 via Google  

    Very proffessional with excellent service. Cbus expert.

  • Darren Ault
    Darren Ault
    Oct 6, 2020 via Google  

    Excellent service for a difficult C-Bus problem - fixed on the day - professional, courteous, on time and great communication throughout.

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