Pre-purchase Electrical Inspection

Pre-purchase Electrical Inspection
  • Apr 9, 2019

Pre-purchase Electrical Inspection

Few people are familiar with a pre-purchase electrical inspection when buying a new home or unit.
It is common to get a pre-purchase building and pest inspection and also regular annual termite inspections with a termite barrier system.

With the moist Brisbane climate there can be quite a few issues with electrical wiring in a home.

Our pre-purchase electrical inspection consists of the following:

  • Check the condition of the electrical switchboard.
  • Inspect the meter box, and check for safety switch(es).
  • Check home automation, security and intrusion system.
  • Check air-conditioning systems and power outlets.
  • Test earthing system to eliminate risk of electrocution.
  • Check power points, switches and lights to ensure they are operating correctly.
  • Test operation and wiring of oven, hotplate and hot water system.
  • Suggest any power saving ideas and the potential costs involved.
  • Advise of any other potential problems in electrical system.

Weiss are experts in electrical, lighting, home automation, alarms, security systems and air conditioning systems so having us conduct your pre-purchase electrical inspection may help diagnose issues in these increasingly sophisticated areas.


With electricity there is often no warning of a major problem. Corrosion and electrical faults can have dire consequences.

The ESO is also encouraging pre-purchase electrical inspections to assist buyers to identify if a property is safe and complies with all electrical legislation. We are promoting these inspections to assist buyers in avoiding costly and unsafe issues, to act as a deterrent to dangerous and illegal DIY work, and to encourage home owners to commit to better maintenance practices.

Electrical Safety Office (ESO)

Brisbane Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection - Case Study

1 Check the condition of the electrical switchboard. Is it damaged and does the internal panel contain asbestos?
Check if switchboard and electrical equipment have no conductor insulation deterioration.

Electrical Switchboard Comments:
Main switchboard is in good condition. Only one safety switch for all power. The meter box is in good condition. No asbestos. The consumers mains cabling has been wired in black only. This is not legal, however it is safe.

2 Switchboard equipment is correctly labelled.

Switchboard Equipment Comments:
Switchboard is correctly labelled.

3 Inspect the meter box, and check safety switch(es) are installed. Ensure safety switches, circuit breakers, isolators and fuses show no evidence of mechanical damage.

Switchboard Equipment Comments:
Safety switch is functional. No signs of damage.

4 Is there a Multiple Earthed Neutral (MEN) connection between neutral and earth at the main switchboard?

Multiple Earthed Neutral Connection Comments:
The MEN connection is present and functional. refer Earthing Your Home

5 Semi-enclosed re-wireable fuses, where fitted, have not deteriorated due to arcing and have no exposed live parts when the fuse carrier is fitted into the fuse base.

Old Ceramic Rewireable Fuse Comments:
No re-wireable fuses.

6 Check air-conditioning systems. Are the indoor / outdoor units clean? Is there any sign of damage or corrosion? Is the ducting, the ceiling registers, return air grill and filter in good condition and clean?

Teco Outdoor Unit Comments:
Outdoor unit for the upstairs lounge room (southwestern corner) has a noisy fan. The Sharp indoor unit is old, however still functional. The ground floor lounge room Panasonic unit unit is relatively new and functioning correctly. The master bedroom Teco unit has a damaged horizontal vane, however is working correctly. The outdoor unit requires some plants to be removed, and the metal pipe cover requires re-securing to the wall. The masonry anchors have perished in the sun.

7 Check earthing system to eliminate risk of electrocution. The exposed portions of the earth electrode show no evidence of corrosion, damage or poor connection of the main earthing conductor.

Main Earthing Conductor Comments:
The earthing stake is in good condition without damage.

8 Check metallic water pipe has not been replaced with plastic piping when the piping is used as the earth electrode.

Earth Electrode Comments:
Not used

9 Check power points, switches and lights to ensure they are undamaged. Socket outlets exhibit no mechanical damage and there is no evidence of overheating. Lamp holders exhibit no evidence of mechanical damage or evidence of undue overheating or arcing

Lights-Wires-Issues Comments:
Light in garage has no 18w tubes. It is unknown if it is functional. External entry light has a damaged lamp holder, no cover and is coming away from the wall. It is not functional and not safe.

The NBN conduit through garage requires re-fixing to the ceiling. There are no covers on the ground floor lights and only one works. The entry light requires a lamp and is switched on with the external light. The spare room downstairs has a switch on the northern side that does not appear to turn anything on or off.

The laundry power point above the washing machine has a damaged switch and requires replacement.

We test earthing systems by performing a visual check and (depending on the level of test requested), performing an earth loop impedance test which checks the integrity of the cables, and performing a earth test.

Electrical safety switches are for personal / livestock protection only. If the earth resistance is greater than the Australian standard limits, the safety switch will not function correctly.

Note all images of issues supplied to prospective homeowner.

The above is just part of our comprehensive Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection report

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