Pre-purchase Electrical Inspection

  • Apr 9, 2019

Pre-purchase Electrical Inspection

Few people are familiar with a pre-purchase electrical inspection when buying a new home or unit.
It is common to get a pre-purchase building and pest inspection and also regular annual termite inspections with a termite barrier system.

With the moist Brisbane climate there can be quite a few issues with electrical wiring in a home.

Our pre-purchase electrical inspection consists of the following:

  • Check the condition of the electrical switchboard.
  • Inspect the meter box, and check for safety switch(es).
  • Check home automation, security and intrusion system.
  • Check air-conditioning systems and power outlets.
  • Test earthing system to eliminate risk of electrocution.
  • Check power points, switches and lights to ensure they are operating correctly.
  • Test operation and wiring of oven, hotplate and hot water system.
  • Suggest any power saving ideas and the potential costs involved.
  • Advise of any other potential problems in electrical system.

Weiss are experts in electrical, lighting, home automation, alarms, security systems and air conditioning systems so having us conduct your pre-purchase electrical inspection may help diagnose issues in these increasingly sophisticated areas.


With electricity there is often no warning of a major problem. Corrosion and electrical faults can have dire consequences.

The ESO is also encouraging pre-purchase electrical inspections to assist buyers to identify if a property is safe and complies with all electrical legislation. We are promoting these inspections to assist buyers in avoiding costly and unsafe issues, to act as a deterrent to dangerous and illegal DIY work, and to encourage home owners to commit to better maintenance practices.

Electrical Safety Office (ESO)


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