Locking your Electricity Power Box

Locking your Electricity Power Box
  • Mar 28, 2023

Locking your Electricity Power Box

Energex offer a specific lock for locking your electric box whilst still allowing a meter reading.

The cost of the lock is approximately $80 with each extra key $14. Locks are available from a list of locksmiths.

Locks are available to customers who wish to secure their property and allow access to our meter readers and network employees or contractors.

Energex Locks

Data Document Protection

Protecting your Computers and Data

One Tarragindi homeowner had an issue with local kids turning off the power from the electrical box.

Sensitive computers need to be shutdown correctly or data can be lost. Many people opt for a UPS which maintains a constant supply of electricity with a battery back-up. The back-up sounds a warning, allowing you time to shut down your computer properly.

Data Back-Up

A system that backs-up your valuable documents will help guard against the eventual issue of a document being either corrupted or accidentally wiped.

Burglars Turning off power at the box

There have been reports of burglars turning off the power to determine if anyone is home. If someone does not come out to check the meter box, there is a good chance nobody is home.

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